To gain access to the web content you must be currently enrolled in the adult class of Curtis’ Martial Arts.

How to create an account:

1. Go to
2. Go to Materials page.
3. Click on the White Belt link.
4. Click “Create an Account” (bottom right)
5. Type in your user name (firstname.lastname)
6. Type in your email address. (required)
7. Click the “Register” button.
8. Check your email for a message from
9. Go back to the White Belt page (login page).
10. Login using the user name and password provided in the email message. (you can log out using the link in the bottom right corner of any page)

How to change your password:

1. After you login, click “An nyoung (Hello) [your user name]” in the top right corner of the page.
2. You can edit your personal information here if you want. (optional)
3. Scroll down and enter your new password twice.
4. Scroll to the bottom and click the “Update User” button.
5. Now you can login with your new password.

Note: Do not share your user name and password with anyone, including other students.

How to gain access to content:

1. Access should be provided automatically within 24 hours.
2. If you do not receive access within 24 hours, email and include your full name and your belt rank.
3. You will receive access to all the content at your current belt rank and below. For example, a yellow belt may access yellow and white belt content, a blue belt may access blue, yellow, and white belt content, etc.

Disclaimer: The materials presented on are only to be used as a reference to review techniques that have been taught to you in class. This website is NOT a substitute for learning techniques from a black belt.

Send any questions to: