My name is Curtis Taylor and I am the owner and head instructor of Curtis’ Martial Arts. I was born in Layton and currently live in Clearfield. Since I was a child, I have always had a fascination with martial arts. I loved watching The Karate Kid, The 3 Ninjas, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mortal Kombat and any other Martial Arts movies I could get my hands on. I began practicing Martial Arts in 2002 under Sensei Al Martinez where I was taught Shotokan Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After two years, Sensei Martinez was deployed to the United Arab Emirates to serve our country. My search for a new martial arts school concluded at Keith’s Martial Arts in 2004 where I practiced under Keith Stockwell. In 2006 Erik Waller became the new instructor and our name was changed to Erik’s Martial Arts. In 2007 I first earned my Blackbelt (1st Dan) and I am currently 4th Dan (4th degree Blackbelt). Ever since I became a Blackbelt I had realized that I had a passion for teaching and loved teaching classes whenever I was needed. I continue to teach and learn every day, and I love to watch my students grow in both skill and confidence.

In my personal life, I graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Computer Science in 2011. I married the love of my life Jessica Stieb in 2012, and we were blessed with our first child, Owen, in 2015. Aside from running the studio, I work for a DoD contractor writing embedded software for a variety of systems. My hobbies include martial arts (obviously), weightlifting, photography, fixing and building things around the house, playing video games, watching movies, and spending time with my family.


My name is Bryanna Gist, and I began martial arts by taking Tae-Kwon-Do for a year and a half on Hill AFB in my early teens, but had to quit when my family moved off of the base and it was no longer feasible to attend. I picked up Hap-Ki-Do a few years later when I attended Weber State University and shortly after taking all the three semester courses I could, I found Curtis’ Martial Arts in late 2008. I received my first degree Blackbelt in February 2011, and my second degree in May 2013.

I have been teaching the Thursday night kids class since 2011. I love teaching these kids, watching their skills grow, and getting to have a little fun while we learn. I believe martial arts helps instill confidence and discipline that carries outside of the martial arts studio.




My name is Brandon Dickerson, I started Martial Arts in 2004 at this location that is now Curtis’ Martial Arts. In 2008 I earned my Blackbelt (1st Dan) and left in 2009. I returned in 2011 and attended as much as possible when work and school would permit. I have enjoyed every single class, and appreciate the detail to form, technique, principles and overall real-life application to everything that I have learned. One of the parts I have had a lot of fun learning is the weapons and practicing getting the weapons patches. This has motivated and helped me to get better insights of some techniques and principles that we learn here.

I have taught the Friday classes since November 2017 where I’ve enjoyed and learned more with each class. I love seeing the students learn and progress here and I am grateful to be able to help contribute a part toward their success.



-Retired Instructors-


Erik1 My name is Erik Waller. I am the previous owner and head instructor of Erik’s Martial Arts. I was born in Renton Washington on July 30th, 1980. I always had a love for the martial arts, and with the help of my girlfriend (now wife) Tami, and some influence from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I started training in martial arts in 1996. I was able to earn my 1st dan in Hap-Ki-Do under my instructor, Keith Stockwell in 1998. I have always been against picking on or bullying other people. Being bullied at a younger age has helped me understand what others might go through. This is one thing that has kept me motivated in learning and teaching and I continued my training and took over the studio in 2006. I earned my 4th dan (4th degree black belt) in Hap-Ki-Do in 2008 and continue to teach and learn to this day. I teach to all ages, that no matter what, bullying is not allowed. That we are better people then that. I am passionate about building people’s confidence and giving them a safe and fun atmosphere to grow in.

Martial Arts is not my only hobby. I enjoy the outdoors, camping and playing soccer. I am a family man and give a large amount of credit to my wife Tami and two kids Braden and Katelyn. They have given up a lot and supported me in my teaching and running a studio. I am grateful for all my students, without them I would not be able to do what I love.


My name is Clint Drysdale, I am the Assistant Instructor at Erik’s Martial Arts. I teach mixed (adults and kids) classes on Fridays. I have trained in Hap-Ki-Do since 1998 and am currently 4th Dan (4th degree Blackbelt).