Can I try a class before signing up?
-Yes you can. You can try a full week (up to 4 days) for FREE.

Do I have to schedule an appointment to attend a free class?
-No, feel free to show up at any of our class times (5-10 minutes before) and ask to try a free class.

How much is it to start?
-Registration is $35, this covers the cost of a new uniform. The cost of the monthly tuition, which for one student is $60 per month. Family discounts are available. More information on pricing may be found here.

How many classes may I attend after I am enrolled?
-Unlimited. You may attend as many classes as you would like, whether you attend once or four times per week, the rate stays the same.

Do you require contracts?
-No we do not. We do not believe in contracts. We are a pay-by-the month school.

What styles of martial arts do you teach?
-Hapkido. A Korean style of Martial Art with an emphasis on self-defense.
-American Kenpo. A Karate style that was developed in the United States.
-Kuk Sool Won. A system of comprehensive study of all traditional Korean martial arts.

Does it cost anything for a trial class, and how long is a class?
-No. Trial classes are free. Classes are 1 hour long.

What do I wear to try class out?
-Something comfortable. Sweats or shorts and a t-shirt works great.

Is there sparring in class?
-Yes. We do have sparring for the kids and adult classes occasionally.

What is the beginning age?
-We start students at the age of 5.

Is this a competition school?
-No. We do not compete in tournaments.